We have been down together in my sleep

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"The unexpected is our normal routine" [Commander Riker - TNG]

When you're between any kind of devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea sometimes looks very inviting.
The Deep Blue Sea, Act I. (1952)

"Remember who you are" [R II A III sc ii]

"I have nightly since dreamt of encounters 'twixt thyself and me; We have been down together in my sleep,unbuckling helms, fisting each other's throat, and waked half dead with nothing"
[Aufidius - Coriolanus | Act 4, Scene 5 ]

"You are not impossible. Impossible is just what hasn’t been done" (The Hour 2x06)
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With cherries on top


Graciously on loan


Graciously on loan


So I was thinking about people’s favorite parts of their body. I imagine they are often unsung heroes, or at least the bits and pieces that don’t always command the attention of the people in our lives, digital or otherwise. So I thought I’d post this as a tribute to my favorite part of my body, and would encourage you to do the same. I’d be flattered if you’d do so here, but by no means feel obligated. Just be sure to take a moment, publicly or privately, and give your gorgeous self the props that you deserve.

I also scribbled a few words together. Unlike many of you, the written word is not my medium of choice, but thought I’d give it a go anyway. Be kind! :)

You are vicious when you hunt
Dauntless rangers, you are my dogs of war
Perpetual metronomes
176 beats per minute, hour after hour
A savage pace few can match
At the moment of defeat, you are cruel
Offering your prey a parting glance
Your vaulted arches
Your wicked Cheshire grin

Yet each kiss to the earth is delicate, I float
You give me an owl’s wings
Impossibly silent, precise, graceful
This assemblage of lanky pieces finally makes sense
When you move, when you dance, when you run

For tens of thousands of miles
You’ve made me feel beautiful
You’ve made me feel strong
For all that and more
I adore you

Ascoltato 5.131 volte
The Poetica podcast,


Ben Whishaw reading poems about the sea. I am drowning.


‘One Day I wrote her name upon the strand’ by Edmund Spenser

‘Ode To The Sea’ (extract) by Pablo Neruda

‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold

‘The Inspector of Tides’ by Michael Dransfield

‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Love sonnet LXXVIII’ by Pablo Neruda


(From the Poetica podcast, “Tides.”)


The Muse

Directed by Tim Walker

Cast : Ben Whishaw, Kristen McMenamy



Even more reasons why to request an invite and sign up on www.wearecolony.com for more Little Favour on set photos and videos.

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THE MUSE(2014) 

Tim Walker / UK / 2014 / 13 min

A delirious overlapping of wistful reminiscence and stark reality permeates this tale of an ill-fated love affair between a man and a mermaid. Starring Ben Whishaw.(x)


Good morning


And your new avi  a close up from the hands and thumbs pic ….simply exquisite as you